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Get long-term symptom relief with a personalized treatment plan that includes custom prescription medication & support from certified allergists.

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Over 89% of Nectar customers report symptom relief within their first 3 to 6 months of treatment by targeting their worst allergies through immunotherapy.

Nectar At-home Allergy Test Kit
Indoor & Outdoor Allergy Test

Test for 40 different indoor and outdoor allergens

Nectar 24-Hour Relief Nasal Spray
24-Hour Relief Nasal Spray

Targeted, immediate symptom relief

Nectar Prescription Allergy Drops
Prescription Allergy Drops

Build long-term immunity from your allergies

How it works

  • Identify your allergies

    Take our at-home test to identify your allergies or upload previous results

  • Get expert guidance

    Review your results, clinical history and treatment options with a licensed provider

  • Treat your allergies

    Get personalized allergy drops delivered to your door

  • Get ongoing support

    Monitor your progress with regular check ups

Getting started is simple


Build immunity to your allergies from your home

  1. 1

    Take our at-home test or upload your results from a previous test

  2. 2

    Get a personalized treatment for your indoor, outdoor and pet allergies

  3. 3

    Achieve long-term relief from home

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Get best-in-class allergy care at our clinic in NYC

  1. 1

    Get same-day comprehensive evaluations and results

  2. 2

    Treat your environmental and food allergies, asthma, and eczema

  3. 3

    Choose between allergy drops or shots

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