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Test Kit

How it works

Take two drops a day and say goodbye to seasonal allergies, pet allergies, and allergic asthma.

  • Take our at-home allergy test to identify your allergies (FREE when you subscribe)

  • A licensed provider will review your results and clinical history

  • Get 3 months of custom-formulated prescription allergy drops delivered to your door (First month FREE when you subscribe)

  • Take two drops a day and say goodbye to allergies for good

Test from home

Our simple at-home IgE test measures your body's response to 40 indoor and outdoor allergens, including pets, pollen, trees, grasses, mold, dust mites, and more.

Get your free allergy test

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Test Kit
Test Kit

Treat from home

Sublingual immunotherapy, the leading form of allergy treatment in Europe, is now available in the US. Treat your environmental allergies and allergic asthma from home using the same ingredients as allergy shots — now available as liquid allergy drops.

Prescription allergy drops

$66.00/mo $99.00/mo Get 1 month free - only for a limited time!

Get at-home allergy immunotherapy treatment prescribed by a qualified provider and formulated for you to achieve life-long allergy relief. An allergy test is required to develop your custom treatment plan and it's included with your subscription.

  • FSA & HSA accepted

  • 90-day supply of custom allergy drops

  • Prescribed by a licensed provider

  • Free shipping always

  • Cancel anytime

Allergy drop bottle

How allergy drops work

  • Prescription treatments are shipped straight to your home

  • Apply two drops under your tongue daily

  • Build resistance to your triggers overtime with an alternative to allergy shots


Taken from the comfort of your home

Treats multiple allergies

FDA-approved ingredients

Treats the root cause of allergies

Personalized formula

Product shipped to you








Allergy tablets







Allergy shots















Personalized prescriptions, approved by doctors

And everything happens from the comfort of your home.


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