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  • Imperial College London

  • University of Michigan

How it works

This is different from anything you’ve seen before — a treatment for allergies that trains your body to stop having allergic reactions.

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Test from home

Take our simple at-home IgE test to measure your body's response to 40 indoor and outdoor allergens, including pets, pollen, trees, grasses, mold, dust mites, and more.

Or if you have previously been tested, upload your results to your MyNectar account. A licensed provider will review your information and determine if you are eligible for treatment.

Test Kit
Test Kit

Treat from home

At the moment, only 35% of moderate and severe allergy sufferers say they’re satisfied with their current allergy treatment. We’re here to make that 100%.

Personalized prescriptions, approved by doctors. And everything happens from the comfort of your home.


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