How it works

This is different from anything you’ve seen before — an allergy treatment that trains your body to stop having allergic reactions.

Allergy test kit

Step 1: Take Nectar's at-home allergy test to identify your allergies

  • Test for up to 40 indoor and outdoor allergens

  • Mail your sample back to us

  • Review your results online 2-3 weeks later

  • Already had an allergy test? Upload your previous results


Step 2: Licensed provider review

  • Licensed provider reviews your test results and clinical history

  • Receive treatment options based on your qualifications

  • Get prescribed a custom treatment plan

Nectar Dx and Nasal Spray

Step 3: Begin your Nectar allergy treatment

  • Target your specific allergies with a custom formula

  • Enjoy convenient, free shipping straight to your home

  • Place two liquid drops under your tongue each day


Step 4: Break up with your allergies for good

  • New supply of Nectar Allergy Drops automatically ships every 3 months

  • Your body builds tolerance to the allergens over time and symptoms generally fade

  • Throw away your antihistamines