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Sweet relief

Brianna B.

Verified Customer

Assigned Allergist: Dr. Akansha Gansu, MD

"I am DEFINITELY seeing improvement and it's so exciting. It's easy to remain committed when allergies have impacted you so greatly for so long!"

Brianna's Treatment Plan

As needed

Allergy Spray Rx

1 x Day

Allergy Drops Rx

2 x year

Check-in with a licensed provider

Allergens Treated




Symptoms Treated


Olapatidine 0.6%


Oxymetazoline 0.025%

Itchy Eyes

Olapatidine 0.6%

Runny nose

Ipratropium 0.055%

Symptoms before nectar
Symptoms after 1 year with nectar

How comprehensive allergy care works


Take the quiz

Answer a few, simple questions about your history with allergies and your medical background.


    Treat my symptoms

    Get immediate relief from all your allergy symptoms with a personalized nasal spray.


      Test my allergies

      Test for 40+ of the most common indoor and outdoor allergies with our at-home test kit.


        Get long-term relief

        Treat the root cause of your allergies with a personalized formula designed to provide lifelong relief.

          Immediate and long-term symptom relief

          Hand holding phone showing symptom ranking screen

          Day 1

          Complete our quiz for a tailored treatment recommendation from a licensed provider

          Nasal spray and test kit

          Week 1

          Phone showing allergy test results

          Week 2

          3-month supply of Allergy Drops Rx

          Week 3

          Woman smiling while walking outdoors

          Months 2-3

          Woman administering Nectar Allergy Drops Rx

          Months 3+

          24-Hour Relief Nasal SprayRX
          Starting at $49/mo

          Target all your allergy symptoms with one fast-acting and personalized nasal spray.

          Symptoms Targeted
          • Sneezing
          • Runny nose
          • Itchy Eyes
          • Congestion

          All-in-one symptom treatment

          One allergy medication for all your symptoms

          • Stuffy Nose


          • Itchy eyes and sneezing


          • Inflammation


          • Runny nose and post-nasal drip


          Without Nectar

          OTC Allergy Medications

          Oral antihistamine

          Oral decongestant

          Single ingredient nasal sprays


          With Nectar

          Allergy Relief Spray

          4-in-1 personalized treatment

          As low as $49/mo

          Indoor & Outdoor Allergy Test
          Included for free with first purchase of Allergy Relief Spray ($99 value)

          Test for up to 40 environmental allergies in your region and find out if you’re eligible for Nectar Prescription Allergy Drops.

          What we test for
          • Grasses
          • Weeds
          • Trees
          • Pets
          • Mold
          • Dust mites

          Allergy DropsRX

          At-home allergy immunotherapy formulated for your unique allergies.

          • Achieve long-term symptom relief
          • Prescribed by a licensed provider
          • 100% personalized

          Not sure what's right for you?


          Of Patients Experienced symptom improvement*

          *within their first 3 to 6 months of treatment by targeting their worst allergies through immunotherapy

          Practiced for over 100 years and developed to provide safer and more convenient alternative to allergy shots


          Two extracts are proven to provide overall relief

          Take our at-home allergy test to identify your allergies or upload your results from another allergist

          Goodbye Symptoms

          Experience symptom relief within 3-6 months of beginning treatment

          Long-Term Immunity

          The longer you're on treatment the longer you stay symptom free

          Experts suggest to stay on allergy drops for 3-5 years for life long symptom relief

          We custom formulate your Allergy Drops using FDA-approved ingredients.

          Example allergens treated
          • Cat dander

          • Elm tree

          How we treat

          We only include your most prominent allergens in your personalized formula. Several studies suggest this concentrated method tackles the root cause of all your allergies — not just those related to the allergens in your drops.


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