Talk to an allergist covered by your insurance

Our allergists help you understand your allergies and create a treatment plan with clinically-backed prescription medication tailored for you. We currently offer care in New York.

Most Nectar Patients pay just their co-pay

We accept most insurance plans including

How Nectar works

Nectar helps you get allergy relief that lasts.
All over telehealth and covered by your insurance.

Person holding a tablet while on a telehealth call with a Nectar provider


Meet with a board-certified provider

You consultation is covered by insurance.

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    Create a care plan together

    Get a lab ordered allergy test covered by insurance, if needed.

      Product shot of Nectar RX Drops, Nasal Spray, and Allergy Test Kit


      Start treatment

      First get immediate relief with Nasal Relief Spray. Then get over your allergies for good using Allergy Drops.


        Get ongoing support

        Check in with us anytime, anywhere.

          Our experts

          Our best-in-class physician team wants to work with you as an individual to find the best treatment plan for your particular lifestyle and needs. No two people are the same, so their allergy treatments shouldn’t be either!

          getting started is easy

          • Schedule a consult

            Select online appointment that fits your schedule. We'll also gather all the necessary information to ensure sure your insurance covers the consultation.

          • Get an allergy assessment

            An allergist will gather your clinical history and symptom experience to assess the right treatment plan. If necessary, a test will be ordered for you.

          • Start your treatment

            Get a personalized allergy plan with custom medication delivered at home, including prescription immuotherapy drops, so you can start to treat the root cause of your allergies.

          • Get ongoing support

            Our team of care providers will check in regularly to ensure you're on the right path to allergy relief. If you need any help or have questions, reach out at any time.

          Real results from real patients


          reported experiencing symptom improvement*

          *within their first 3 to 6 months of treatment by targeting their worst allergies through immunotherapy

          Practiced for over 100 years and developed to provide safer and more convenient alternative to allergy shots


          Your formula is personalized based on your specific allergies

          Your treatment plan will be informed by your clinical history and your allergy test results

          Goodbye Symptoms

          Experience symptom relief within 3-6 months of beginning treatment

          Long-Term Immunity

          The longer you're on treatment the longer you stay symptom free

          Experts suggest to stay on allergy drops for 3-5 years for life long symptom relief

          We custom formulate your Allergy Drops using FDA-approved ingredients.

          Example allergens treated
          • Cat dander

          • Elm tree

          How we treat

          Your allergist will determine the best short and long-term treatment plan based on your allergies and clinical history.

          Get started towards living life allergy free.