Prescription Allergy Drops


First 3 months for just $49 - limited time only

Get long-term relief with at-home allergy immunotherapy drops. An allergy test is required to receive your custom treatment.

  • Build long-term immunity
  • 90-day supply of custom allergy drops
  • Same ingredients as allergy shots
  • Prescribed by a licensed provider
  • FSA & HSA accepted
  • Free shipping always
  • Cancel anytime

How allergy drops work

  • Prescription treatments are shipped straight to your home

  • Apply two drops under your tongue daily

  • Build resistance to your triggers overtime with an alternative to allergy shots

How it works

First, take your Nectar Allergy Test to find out what allergens should be in your custom formula. Then, receive your Nectar Drop prescription every 3 months. Learn how to take your allergy drops daily and see symptom improvement in as early as 6 months.

Your allergies are unique, and so is your treatment.


Taken from the comfort of your home

Treats multiple allergies

FDA-approved ingredients

Treats the root cause of allergies

Personalized formula

Product shipped to you








Immunotherapy tablets







Allergy shots















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Engineered by scientists, designed for you

Devised to fit into your daily routine with ease.


After taking the allergy test and getting approved for a treatment plan, you’ll have a number of different pricing options.

First 3 months for $49 - limited time only.


Quarterly plan

  • Pay only $49 for your first three months of drops

  • Billed $297 every 3 months afterward

  • Cancel anytime

Coming soon


Annual plan

  • Billed $990 every year

  • Cancel anytime

Coming soon


3-year plan

  • $1,782 billed at start

  • Cancel anytime

Allergies are tough. Treatment doesn't have to be. By delivering your allergy treatment straight to your home, we make it easier to integrate allergy care into your daily routine.

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