How it Works

How it works

Each formula uniquely caters to your individual allergy needs and is based on the results of your at-home allergy test. Allergy immunotherapy is recognized by doctors and patients alike as a safe and effective treatment option.

Allergy test kit

Step 1: Take an at-home allergy test to identify your allergies

  • Test for up to 38 indoor and outdoor allergens

  • Mail your sample back to us

  • Review your results online 2-3 weeks later


Step 2: Consult with a licensed physician online

  • Understand what your test results mean

  • Discuss available treatment options based on your qualifications

  • Get prescribed a custom treatment plan

Nectar treatment, immunotherapy

Step 3: Begin your treatment journey

  • Target your specific allergies with a custom formula

  • Enjoy convenient, on-time shipping straight to your home

  • Place two liquid drops under your tongue each day


Step 4: Achieve long-term allergy relief

  • A new shipment of drops automatically ships every 3 months

  • Over time, your body builds tolerance to the allergens, and symptoms generally fade

  • No more days or plans derailed by allergy attacks