Nectar Life Sciences Introduces Medical Board of Leading Allergists and Allergy Researchers Advising Their Comprehensive Care Program to Provide Relief for Allergy Sufferers.

Nectar Life Sciences, an integrated health care company reinventing allergy care, announced today that they have added three scientific and clinical experts to their medical board. The medical board advises every aspect of Nectar’s comprehensive allergy treatment program to ensure all products and services meet the highest safety and efficacy standards.

Nectar is a science-based, safe, convenient and cost-effective allergy treatment program using industry-proven immunotherapy drops to once and for all provide long-term relief from allergies by treating their root cause. Nectar provides an alternative to allergy shots and antihistamines for patients who suffer from moderate to severe indoor and outdoor allergies.

Nectar’s medical board is led by the company’s Head of Medical, Shyam Joshi, MD. Section Chief of Allergy and Immunology at Oregon Health & Science University, Dr. Joshi’s main areas of research include the management of chronic rhinosinusitis, drug allergies, and food allergies.

“We are excited to partner with these distinguished experts as we reinvent allergy care, said Kenneth Chahine, Ph.D., J.D., founding CEO of Nectar. The board’s interest in Nectar demonstrates that the industry is ready for an integrated allergy program that will transform the patient treatment experience and provide permanent relief for allergy sufferers.”

Nectar’s new medical board members, who are leading experts and researchers in sublingual immunotherapy, join an established group of seasoned executives that have come together with a common purpose, putting an end to allergies. Members of the medical board include:

Kari Nadeau, M.D., PhD, Stanford University: Dr. Kari Nadeau is the Naddisy Foundation Endowed Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics and Director of the Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy and Asthma Research at Stanford University. Currently, she works at the WHO on air pollution and climate change policy.

Mohamed Shamji, PhD, Imperial College London: Dr. Mohamed Shamji established his research group within Allergy and Clinical Immunology at Imperial College London, where he pursued his interest in translational research and completed his PhD studies in allergy and clinical immunology at the National Heart & Lung Institute.

John Zwetchkenbaum, M.D., Chief Allergist and Founder of AAPRI:
Dr. John Zwetchkenbaum is the chief allergist and founder of AAPRI (Asthma & Allergy Physicians of Rhode Island). He also completed a fellowship in allergy and clinical immunology at the National Jewish Center for Immunology and Respiratory Medicine (now National Jewish Health).