One year down! Let's get ready for round 2.

Congratulations on completing your first year of treatment! Stay on track and renew your prescription today.

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If you stop treatment now, you run the risk of your symptoms returning

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Stay consistent

Keep taking your allergy drops everyday. If you stop treatment, your symptoms may return and you may have to start treatment from the beginning.


    Achieve long-term relief

    The lifelong results you’re looking for will only be achieved if you complete the entire course of treatment.

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      Improve your quality of life

      You’ve come so far and you’re already feeling the results. Commit to treatment and enjoy a life without allergies.

        Sweet relief

        Nectar by the numbers

        Clinically-proven allergy care that saves you time and money.

        • $5000 saved

          The average person spends $22.16 on allergy care every month, or $266 every year, buying things like decongestants, antihistamines, eye drops, and tissues. You’re on your way to over $5,000 in savings over your lifetime.

        • 24 office visits

          You saved 24 visits to the doctors office

        • 1200 minutes

          Things like commuting, the waiting room, and office visits all add up. You saved close to 1200 minutes this year by avoiding all that.

        • 50 injections

          You avoided needing ~50 injections for your immunotherapy by using Nectar Allergy Drops

        Stay allergy-free for good

        Long-term allergy relief takes time

        Immunotherapy takes time, and there can be several factors impacting your symptom score.

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        Your questions, answered

        Keep your allergy relief on track