Does Your Heating System Make You Sneeze?

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Does your heating system make you sneeze? It’s not a coincidence.

All the dust, pet dander, and other allergens your home accumulated over the summer have settled into your air ducts, waiting for their chance to shine.

Once you turn your heater on, the air forced through your HVAC system swept all of those allergens away with it, circulating them around your home.

That’s why you may notice your allergy symptoms getting triggered as winter sets in — or even each time the heater turns on and off throughout the day. Many of these particles can be irritating as well, even if you find you aren't allergic to them!

If you want to reduce your allergy symptoms, reduce the allergens in your home with these steps:

  • Change your air filter at least as often as recommended on the package, and even more often if you have pets.
  • Have your air ducts professionally cleaned before the winter season to clear out allergens.
  • Use an air purifier to improve indoor air quality.
  • Dust and vacuum regularly, especially if you have kids or pets.
  • Use a humidifier to avoid dry air that can irritate your eyes, nose, and throat.
  • Install a radiant heating system to heat the room without blowing air and stirring up allergens.

If you don’t want to dread turning on your heater each winter, try the maintenance steps above and get tested to learn more about how to banish your allergies for good.

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