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How To Take Your Indoor & Outdoor Allergy Test

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At-home allergy test instructions

Activate your allergy test kit

In order to process your allergy test results, you need to activate your kit by visiting

You'll find your unique activation code on the back of your Blood Sample Collection Card. Make sure to write down your activation code for your own records.

Fill out Your Test Card

Finished activating? Mark it complete with the provided sticker. Then, turn over your Blood Sample Collection Card and fill in your name and date of birth.

Get the blood flowing in your hands

Fill out your spot card right after exercising — this will make it easier to completely fill the circles. You can also get the blood flowing by hydrating, warming your hands with hot water, and shaking your hands around.

Sanitize your fingers

Sanitize your index or middle finger with the provided Alcohol Wipe.

Prick one of your fingers

Remove the lancet cap by twisting it off. Position the tip of the lancet on the side of your finger (not the middle) and press down to activate the needle prick. You’ll hear a click, and you’ll feel it too.

Note: You have an extra lancet just in case.

Fill in Your Test Card

Dangle your pricked finger above your Blood Sample Collection Card and lightly squeeze the base of your finger to get the best blood flow.


• Fill in each circle, one at a time. About 85% of the circle should be filled to yield enough blood for the test.

• Make sure the blood spot soaks through the card. If you flip the card over, you should see a red circle of blood visible on the back.

• Be careful not to touch the sample area.

Clean your finger

Use the gauze pad and band-aid to clean and cover your finger.

Wait 30 minutes

Set your Blood Sample Collection Card aside for 30 mins to allow the blood to dry.

Pack it all up

Place your Blood Sample Collection Card in the biohazard bag and seal it closed. Place the biohazard bag into the prepaid USPS mailer. Seal it with the adhesive strip and drop it off at the nearest mailbox.

Best practices
• Make sure to activate your kit online. Without it, our partner lab can’t process your results.
• Drink water beforehand to get your blood flowing and make sure your fingers are warm.
• Put your finger on a firm surface.
• Puncture your finger just off the center of the finger pad.
• Get 1 large drop of blood per circle on your Blood Sample Collection Card. Each drop should fill at least 85% of the circle. Without proper collection, the lab may have a problem processing your results.

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