Nectar Prescription Allergy Drops
Nectar Prescription Allergy Drops

What Makes Nectar Prescription Allergy Drops Different?

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Nectar Allergy Drops train the body to tolerate allergies. The goal is to build an immunological response leading to a drastic reduction in symptoms — or even eliminating them entirely.

Our formulation protocol:
Nectar Allergy Drops are formulated with the most prominent, test-validated allergens. If a patient ranks cats, tree pollen, and grass as their main triggers, but their test indicates that they are only actually allergic to tree pollen, their drops will be formulated with only tree pollen. This approach prevents the formula from being diluted with unnecessary allergens⁠—some of which may simply be irritants, rather than actual allergies for the patient.

The purpose of focusing on the most prominent, test-validated allergens is simple: if the most critical allergen(s) are treated, the patient’s overall allergic symptoms will improve. Putting all the allergens into a treatment will not produce as robust of an immunologic response. This is based on peer-reviewed scientific literature (along with the experience and expertise of licensed physician partners).

This same article showed that mixing 10 allergens together did not produce the same immunologic response as when a single allergen was given (in this case, grass pollen). This suggests that mixing too many allergens together would not be as effective as concentrating on the 1 or 2 most prominent allergens.

Also⁠—all allergens used in the treatment are non-synthetic and FDA-approved.

The allergy treatment process:

If a patient qualifies and is interested in receiving Nectar Allergy Drops, a licensed provider will prescribe the treatment and a pharmacist will develop a custom formulation based on their allergy test results. The licensed providers that meet with each patient take into account both the results of the allergy test and the intake survey to comprehensively understand the patient’s experience. For example, a patient might be triggered by multiple environmental factors, even if their test indicates only one allergy.

That is because if a person is allergic to something that actively irritates their nasal passages, this makes them more susceptible to other environmental irritants. Having this information readily available to the provider impacts the allergy treatment recommendation that is ultimately made. Prospective patients will take the Nectar Allergy Test at home and complete an online in-take survey to find out if they are eligible for treatment.

Nectar’s partner team of licensed providers reviews both the test results and the survey information that patients provide to determine the best path forward for each individual. It is important to note that not everyone is eligible for Nectar Allergy Drops and that there are other treatments that could be recommended. You can learn more about the number of reasons a patient may not be eligible here.


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